I'm Yuka, I'm 22 and I live in the UK! I'm a cosplayer, and this year I have the honor of being part of Team UK for World Cosplay Summit 2013! Last year I was also part of the 2012 UK Team for European Cosplay Gathering. I might post some progress pictures here, but most of it will be over on facebook, so pop over there if you're interested in seeing more!

I mostly post about cosplay (surprise), video games, movies and music that I like, and about funny conversations I have or things that happen to me. Things that I often post about include: Final Fantasy, League of Legends, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Firefly and Scott Pilgrim.

I like receiving asks so feel free to message me! I'm also happy to answer any cosplay-related questions, so if you want any help, critique or tutorials give me a shout. But please check the FAQ in case I've answered your question already! :D


I just realised these have been sitting in my Dropbox since August and I still haven’t uploaded them!

Cosplayer [x]
Photographer [x]

(p.s. can someone please cosplay derse dreamer Nepeta with me OMG)

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